Inspirational Wedding Ideas

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So, he’s proposed and you’ve told your parents. Now what?

Well, the real work is getting ready to begin. You have a lot of decisions to make in the coming weeks and months. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources that you can rely on for ideas and guidelines.

Not sure who pays for what? No idea what gifts are expected? Heck, just need ideas for what colors you should have at your wedding? No problem.

Here is a short list of wedding sites that I recommend for inspiration. Each of these sites has its own unique perspective on planningĀ a wedding. Take a look at each and find a few that really speak to your needs.

While you are perusing the different sites, keep a note pad by the computer so you can jot down ideas as they come to you.

Don’t feel pressured or rushed when doing this. Set aside time to just look. You can always come back and visit the sites again and again.

Style Me Pretty – This is one of the top wedding style blogs on the internet. It focuses on high fashion and offers great articles and photography to really get you excited.

The site is well laid out and easily navigable. However, there are a lot of ads that can be distracting. Don’t let them keep you away, though. It offers more value than it annoys.

Ruffled – This is another popular wedding blog. It offers some very good photography for design ideas. However, I find the articles to be a step down from Style Me Pretty, but they are still worth reading. There are a lot of ads on this site.

Green Wedding Shoes – Green Wedding Shoes is one of my favorite wedding sites. The design fashions and inspiration is absolutely devine, yet it does not focus solely on expensive, out-of-reach dresses and baubles.

While there are many expensive things to be seen, the site also covers a range of DIY projects to help you cut expenses. These can be a real life saver!

A Practical Wedding – If DIY inspiration is what you need, take a look at A Practical Wedding. This site offers a range of projects to tame the cost of even the most extravagant ceremony. Of less interest to me is the advice and relationships section.

Brenda’s Wedding Blog – This is another of my favorites. Take a look at the “Real Weddings” section and you will see why: absolutely gorgeous photography of real, not fantasy, weddings.